My beloved home village is so beautiful as the others in Vietnam, with blue rivers, river banks; banyan trees, temples and the out-of-sight streching mullberry fields. Nearly a century, the villagers have been proud of the traditional careers (mullbery planting for silkworms, silk nursery for making silk). Tan Chau silk is ever well-known and now has become a silk brand.

Nowadays, together with villages known for silk, rice and flowers, our village is famous for “dried Gourami” and “dried Snakehead fish”. These Gourami and Snakehead fish from the Mekong River are specially delicious, after passing through the hands of our aunts and mothers, they become the village specialties and are famous since early 60s of the 20th century.

In the past, to make such delicous dried fish, our aunts and mothers used to catch Gourami and Snakehead fish from the river and have them butterfly cut, then salted and dried. With such “naive” technique of making dried fish, they were well sold all over Cochinchin (Nam ky luc tinh). We, the children, grandchilden are proud of what our aunts and mothers have done and achieved; and proud of our villagers’ career “ to feed the people”.


Our 20 Ha fish farm meets the required annual production capacity.

Gourami fish is dried in 2 to 3 sun good for preservation and long transportation.

Fish is dried inside the net preventing the houseflies, dusts and meeting the food
safety standards.

Gourami fish is little salted (not salty) then is dried in the sun.



– Become the leading clean dried fish producer in the world
– Our action motto is “Clean from the farm to the table”
– Profits gaining from the community will be shared back to the community.
– Worldwide thinking, local implementation.


– Producing delicious and clean dried fish for the Vietnamese communities
– Creating the difference in our production and our service.
– Always for the community’s benefits, suppliers’ profits, employees’ rights and
producer’s development.


– “Sell what our customers need and do not sell what we have”.
– We are serious, pretigous and food safety standard producers.
– Delicious and clean products with reasonable prices.
– Humanities and trust-worthiness


Our dried fish have been sold to Australia, The United States, Canada and some other countries. Excellent characteristics of KHO MINH HIEN